Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Poor Money, Rich Love

Poor to our peers Society cannot accept We shed no tears Happy and blessed   Our cupboard empty Hearts are full Loving earnestly Life our rule   Money source of … Continue reading

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Persistence of Age

Fire burned out Old men say Cast in doubt Quiet they lay   Ignited once more My embers not cold Seeing death’s door Flames burn bold   Nearer the grave … Continue reading

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Spirit Twin

Affected mind Vibrant emotion Born inside Loving devotion   Life’s moments worse Also made best Our lucky curse Will never rest   I arrived alone We leave together Blood from … Continue reading

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I Her Slave

My lady fair Of features fine Sweet tones hear Exceptional mind   Clear in honesty Soft in touch Noble modesty Strong in trust   None compares Beauty and soul My … Continue reading

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My Life is You

You my life Gift to me Deep inside My destiny   Sparked by sight Grown in mind Passion ignites A special find   More than pretty Beyond handsome Heart of … Continue reading

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Hawassa Flower

A lady for all seasons Complicated in simplicity Lacking nefarious reasons Great in humble felicity   Low but rose by her I am a better man In her fire I … Continue reading

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Wisdom in the Fog

A Guide to Better Living By Augustine Tagaste   The Path   Look around and you will see countless examples of lost people living a mechanical existence. Our modern globalized … Continue reading

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Love Life

For love to live In love to be All we must give All we must receive

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Passion is essential to life. We need to feel passionate about someone or something at some point in our lives, otherwise our time on this earth has been wasted. Can … Continue reading

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