Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Failure Leads to Truth

The only way to truly understand life is to fail at it. – Augustine Tagaste  

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Life Confession

Each breath felt Heavy my chest Weak I knelt Seeking to rest   This tired imp Soul wore out Spirit went limp Life in doubt   Face on the floor … Continue reading

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Poor Money, Rich Love

Poor to our peers Society cannot accept We shed no tears Happy and blessed   Our cupboard empty Hearts are full Loving earnestly Life our rule   Money source of … Continue reading

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Persistence of Age

Fire burned out Old men say Cast in doubt Quiet they lay   Ignited once more My embers not cold Seeing death’s door Flames burn bold   Nearer the grave … Continue reading

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Life is transition. No state of being is permanent, the trick is to become a better person along the way.

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Love Life

For love to live In love to be All we must give All we must receive

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Better living boils down to a simple personal choice. Do you want to live according to a mass produced vision for your life or do you want to create and … Continue reading

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The Cube

We are each born into a cube, and our goal is to break out of our cube to live a complete and happy life.

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A Better Life

Live boldly, think clearly and seek wisdom; but more importantly, put the principles you learn into practice.

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