Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

I Progenitor

My dear child Beloved creation Born inside Love’s destination   By time refined Learning and growing Free to decide Feeling and knowing   Teachers provided You ignore lessons Rebellion incited … Continue reading

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Poor Money, Rich Love

Poor to our peers Society cannot accept We shed no tears Happy and blessed   Our cupboard empty Hearts are full Loving earnestly Life our rule   Money source of … Continue reading

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Spirit Twin

Affected mind Vibrant emotion Born inside Loving devotion   Life’s moments worse Also made best Our lucky curse Will never rest   I arrived alone We leave together Blood from … Continue reading

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A Perfect Pair

Little bit you Little bit me Gentle two Visions of we   Best of me Best of you Of the tree Branches new   Princess sweet Bold and strong My … Continue reading

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Hawassa Flower

A lady for all seasons Complicated in simplicity Lacking nefarious reasons Great in humble felicity   Low but rose by her I am a better man In her fire I … Continue reading

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The Long Road to You

You asked me what love is, but instead of giving a generic answer I would rather take your question seriously. What I understand about love was taught to me by … Continue reading

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