Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose


Nothing is me Soul not mine Everything is thee Love being kind   Pushing myself out Draining this corpse Never in doubt My chosen course   Follow compassion Mindful of … Continue reading

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Beyond Conditioning

Born in Prison Unable to feel Constricted reason Reality unreal   Soul denied Mind chained Passion they bind Heart pained   Love forgot Let me breathe Stifled thought Set me … Continue reading

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Nurture Heart and Mind

If we define our existence and our reality merely within financial terms then we are not alive and therefore we can never find happiness and love. Life is so much … Continue reading

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Wisdom in the Fog

A Guide to Better Living By Augustine Tagaste   The Path   Look around and you will see countless examples of lost people living a mechanical existence. Our modern globalized … Continue reading

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Knowing Love

If you neither understand nor practice mindfulness and compassion, then you will never truly know love; and love is our highest purpose in this life.

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Love Yourself

You do need to love yourself before you can love others. But take care that this love does not become lust. Mindfulness is an act of love for yourself, and … Continue reading

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Mindful Heart

Build your heart into a condominium with a room for every soul you meet. This is the key to compassion. Expand your mind into a field where knowledge is planted … Continue reading

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Before you can feel and practice compassion you must first understand that we are all equally human.

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Inward Outward

As we nurture our psycho-spiritual state of being we must also refine our relationship to the people and greater world around us. There is a fine balance between the inward … Continue reading

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