Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Nurture Heart and Mind

If we define our existence and our reality merely within financial terms then we are not alive and therefore we can never find happiness and love. Life is so much … Continue reading

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Wisdom in the Fog

A Guide to Better Living By Augustine Tagaste   The Path   Look around and you will see countless examples of lost people living a mechanical existence. Our modern globalized … Continue reading

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Arrogance is never the correct attitude, whereas humility always leads towards better living.

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Life is transition. No state of being is permanent, the trick is to become a better person along the way.

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We all tend to fear change or being different, and society foments this fear. Nonetheless, we must each endeavor to improve ourselves and our society.

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Mindful Heart

Build your heart into a condominium with a room for every soul you meet. This is the key to compassion. Expand your mind into a field where knowledge is planted … Continue reading

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Better Living isn’t about money, health, success or beauty. It’s about balancing your heart and mind in order to live well within yourself.

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Better living boils down to a simple personal choice. Do you want to live according to a mass produced vision for your life or do you want to create and … Continue reading

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The pursuit of social perfection is a waste of time and energy. Be honest with yourself about who you are and who you want to be as a person. Being … Continue reading

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