Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

I the Ant

A dream am I

Bound by reality

Superhuman guy

Hiding in conformity


Inside a king

Outside a pauper

Angels sing

As I hover


This we believe

Ourselves over others

The ego deceives

Mental disorder


An honest look

We never take

Quick to overlook

Every mistake


Suffering and regret

Scar and blemish

Pride and neglect

Illusion finished


Beautiful imperfection

Glorious catastrophe

Inspired reflection

Unwound insanity


On our knees

We see clearer

Beyond needs

Wisdom nearer


I the ant

Before the throne

Tiny man

Head hung low


Losing greatness

Beauty surrendered

Becoming less

My soul remembered


Vision beyond

Prosperity’s lie

A humble bond

With truth divine


Suffer and give

Life in prostration

In Him live

Asking salvation


Slow desire

Stop the world

Prayers inspire

Listen the word


Be the ant

You the bee

In quiet trance

Of heaven dream


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