Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Catechesis In Vita

I thought myself

The handsomest

Above all else

The smartest


Swimming in arrogance

Bathing in vanity

With greatness blessed

Genius insanity


My lesson to fall

Fail and crumble

Hitting the wall

Now low and humble


Nothingness a gift

Pride a curse

Ignorant bliss

Delusion worse


Grateful the process

Found new life

Understanding the test

Failure in stride


Anonymous me

Ambition’s antidote

Abandoning greed

Aimlessly remote


Enough to live

All we need

Love and give

Feel and feed


Purpose learned

Fulfilled inside

Soul unburned

My spirit thrives


Praising God

Action and thought

Staff and rod

A fool was taught


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