Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

I Progenitor

My dear child

Beloved creation

Born inside

Love’s destination


By time refined

Learning and growing

Free to decide

Feeling and knowing


Teachers provided

You ignore lessons

Rebellion incited

Delayed progressions


Your wounds healed

Care never denied

Wisdom revealed

Sparked inside


Patient I wait

Giving the best

You will demonstrate

Mastering life’s test


First you crawl

Toddle then stumble

Walk fine and tall

Until aged and humble


I don’t need a king

I don’t want wealth

A soul that sings

In love and health


I am unconditional

My spirit for you

Devotion unequivocal

Pure and true


You my hope

I your salvation

Never alone

In tribulation


I know your heart

I read your mind

I never depart

Am always kind


Troubled innocence

My guiding hand

Darkness resist

Think and understand


Your life from me

Taught what I can

On the path proceed

In peace command


Seed from my tree

Glimmer in my eye

Follow and believe

Even after I die


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