Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

When Waters Recede

Not foreign

Not divine

Us and them

Yours and mine


Problem is us

Within ourselves

Never discussed

Someone else


We hate

We fear

Our disgrace

Another’s tear


Worst of us

Born here

Misplaced trust

Darkest fear


Same flesh

Same bone

Heart in breast

Human soul


I the hypocrite

You the liar

Empty rhetoric

Fueling fire


What if once

We were sincere

Simply advance

Thinking clear


White privilege

Black power

Almost synonyms

Masking cowards


Courage colorblind

None over other

All are mine

Same ancient mother


What social class

What ethnic origin

Do I surpass

Do I begin


Wrong questions

To think and ask

Upon reflection

Test not passed


Content of character

Better than skin

Substance matters

The spirit within


Only in disaster

We love others

Servants masters

Opposites brothers


Comfort our separation

Discomfort required

Overcome dehumanization

By suffering inspired


When waters recede

We hide again

No longer to bleed

As women and men


This our tragedy

Learning in pain

Needing catastrophe

To know a name


Take this experience

For what it’s worth

Become curious

Meet others first


Discover life’s rainbow

Admire the colors

Your heart a home

Room for others


Make it last

This common bond

It crumbles fast

You must hold on


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