Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

In Truth A Fool

I am a fool

A dreamer worn

No thoughts new

From illusion torn


None listen

They don’t hear

Oblivious distance

Never near


I shout at walls

Scream in the dark

My verse crawls

Easy to discard


Whisper of truth

Mirror of distraction

Earned each bruise

Resisting inaction


Calling all islands

Linking our chain

Our survival demands

Unity in disdain


Our good company

Against the grain

Confronting hypocrisy

Social hurricane


Game escapes me

Unable to conform

Obedience not easy

Riding the storm


Think me alone

At your peril

Many a drone

Find compliance sterile


More speak each day

My sisters and brothers

Entering the fray

Fighters and lovers


Neither fortune nor fame

History won’t know me

Ego and pride away

Sacrificing for free


I am a fool

Love my choice

Compassion my rule

In peace I rejoice


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