Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Each A King

Passions run cold

Lost our wonder

Arrogant and bold

Life we plunder


Thoughts swim shallow

Appearance our truth

Fields gone fallow

In vanity subdued


Life a measurement

Prices assigned

Gold for sentiment

Diamonds for mind


Now the moment

This the time

Shall we repent

Or continue decline


Human our purpose

Learn and grow

Heartfelt progress

Living to know


In light we pray

Our soul’s return

Seizing the day

Spirit fire burn


Power an illusion

Wealth a disguise

Lust in confusion

Hypocrisy great lie


Society empty

Barely conscious

Pursuing plenty

Integrity lost


For one another

Remember to look

Seek to recover

The greater good


Not just you

Life is us

Finding truth

Feeling love


One comment on “Each A King

  1. Rebecca
    July 8, 2017

    As ever, an exquisitely written poem that is a reflection of ourselves. Reminds me of my novel “When Ugly Was In.” Free to download on any device at

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