Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose


Humble brother

Sister contrite

No better other

In my sight


Smallest of these

Greatest of us

You I seek

Held above


Prince in shackles

Pauper in silk

Devil cackles

Halos tilt


Our human order

Far from divine

Iniquity hovers

Flies on swine


All was taught

We chose oblivion

Sold and bought

False division


Simple and perfect

Common rarity

Stop and reflect

Love’s theology


Find the lost

Embrace the hated

Gospel brought

Heart donated


Outside in

Inside out

Soul within

Lost then found


Human mission

Faith alive

Free decision

Open mind


Peace intended

Spirit’s gift

Fractured is mended

Sealed the rift


Arrogant resist

Themselves served

Ignorance lived

Following herd


Suicidal pride

Crownless kings

From truth hide

Worshipping things


Still I preach

Better living

Faithful I teach

Lowly serving


Breaking bread

Sharing wine

Love undead

Forgiveness divine


One comment on “Dandelion

  1. Rebecca
    May 23, 2017

    Beautifully written. A perfect sonnet of faith.

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