Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Beyond Conditioning

Born in Prison

Unable to feel

Constricted reason

Reality unreal


Soul denied

Mind chained

Passion they bind

Heart pained


Love forgot

Let me breathe

Stifled thought

Set me free


Mechanical life

Motions only

No spiritual drive

Robotic and lonely


Not enough

To simply be

Call their bluff

Follow a dream


All say ‘No’

My every try

Do as told

Believe the lie


Against nature

Bend and submit

Power endangered

If I resist


In belief strong

Myself confident

I not wrong

Battle commenced


Hollow celebrity

Following norm

Hold integrity

Champion reform


More than one

Struggle for all

Work not done

Until arrogance fall


Faith in deliverance

Mindful balance

Compassionate diligence

In humility advance


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