Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Faith Not Illusion

Bless the Lord

Oh my soul

Thy holy word

From long ago


My heart’s wings

Raise my spirit

Your grace brings

Our every gift


Sinner I am

Less than perfect

Humble contrite man

Mindful heart reflects


Guides I follow

Not only to belong

Purpose not hollow

In faith strong


Reborn in Christ

I seek to atone

Plain in His sight

Ant before the throne


I not deserving

Forgiveness not exclusive

Joy is serving

His blessing inclusive


Arrogance rejects

Souls thought less

Holiness accepts

All who confess


God is for all

From low to high

We rise or fall

Judgment His right


Life His test

Regardless situation

Seek and request

Divine illumination


King cast down

Outcast is saved

Sanctity found

After the grave


Trust not sight

Doubt all sound

Truth is inside

Deep underground


Devil’s power illusion

Gold and position

Stirring your confusion

Buying your submission


Simple the path

Follow light above

Grow from past

Embrace divine love


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