Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Our American Comic Tragedy

Throughout our history, the best leaders have always been the ones who lead through service and are clear communicators. Unfortunately, our country today has a President and a Congress that are woefully lacking in these qualities. These circumstances compel the people to repeal and replace them.


Our government’s behavior and substandard leadership have sparked the rapid decline of our ability to adequately govern ourselves. We have become Rome in the days when Commodus replaced Marcus Aurelius. However; the barbarians are not at the gates but rather they are already in the White House.


Donald Trump has proven that not everyone can or even should be President. He has quickly invalidated the myth that businessmen make better Presidents. Instead, I propose that our national experience proves that compassionate and mindful communicators are the better choice.


Therefore, let us as a united people exercise our power of the vote and invoke our constitutional right and duty to remove our current leadership in favor of sensible human beings who will make our country smart again. This small revolution will not only reinvigorate our evolution but it will also close the door on this oligarchy of fools.


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