Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Poor Money, Rich Love

Poor to our peers

Society cannot accept

We shed no tears

Happy and blessed


Our cupboard empty

Hearts are full

Loving earnestly

Life our rule


Money source of all

Gold life’s purpose

Hollow they fall

Unable to purchase


Broke we laugh

Ashamed they cry

Our passion lasts

Alone they die


Flesh in grave

Money orphaned

Souls enslaved

Stature forfeit


My soul is yours

Your love is mine

No greater purse

Could ever buy


Surviving progeny

Testament of wealth

Erudite sensitivity

Conquers death


Gold buys things

These don’t love

In truth existing

Gift from above


For nothing I want

Regardless we eat

Wealth is not gone

Poverty not defeat


Here and now

All I need

Living my vow

Forsaking greed


Dancing and running

Laughing in the sun

Poor in money

Rich in love


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