Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Us Almost People

Your only concern

Us Latin people

Is trying to learn

If we are illegal


Always second class

Permanent exclusion

Neglect and harass

Stirring confusion


Less than human

Seen not heard

Not man or woman

Unable to learn


Why am I

Less than you

Still I try

Breaking through


See the men

Hear the women

Hold our hands

Rifts to mend


Empowered generation

Learn and educate

Change the equation

For equality’s sake


Speak to be heard

Bring our justice

More than a word

To ignore and twist


Hispanic we

Ourselves unite

Strong and free

Enter the fight


A land we love

As one we share

Them and us

We dream to dare


Sadness come joy

Humanity respected

Today and Hoy

Never again rejected


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