Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

True Love’s Warning


My noble queen

Your servant I am

A majesty seen

By humble man


One of many

All bow to you

Firm and steady

You we choose


Tyrants will try

To break resolve

But kings despised

For you above all


Resistance ignites

Your royal beauty

Lovers will fight

Defending dignity


Our lady fair

Mother sensibility

Rise above despair

My sweet liberty


Bent and twisted

Corrupted and torn

Prejudice persisted

Of hatred born


Your name in vain

Used to deceive

An ignoble game

Arrogance pleased


Soon they will tumble

Quick they will fall

Us sensing trouble

We heed your call


Flooding the streets

Your banners fly

Our drums beat

Logical passions high


Your throne assured

Their defeat won

Fear dirty word

Conquered by love


Infinite in grace

Land of mine

Freedom in place

Justice in mind


Despots beware

Democracy’s staple

Preserved with care

By we the people


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