Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Peter is Pedro


I speak Spanish

A shade of brown

Somewhat whitish

Mind still sound


Sometimes I pass

At times the other

Permanent underclass

Latino undercover


Behind blue eyes

Caribbean spirit

Fearful I hide

In shameful disguise


Born an American

Nationally rejected

Outside the plan

By leaders disrespected


Patriotic orphan

Unwanted at home

Small half-man

Prejudice flows


Constitutional myth

Forefather’s dilemma

Our people exist

Society’s anathema


Equality denied

Made the lesser

Refusing to hide

Standing together


Fighting walls

Bending bars

Storming halls

Healing scars


Apologizing not

Being ourselves

Children forgot

On democracy’s shelf


Strange rightwing panic

Their power guarded

Against evil Hispanic

Persecution started


Celebrated ignorance

Rhetoric of hate

Deep national trance

Evil infected state


Reversing the dream

Perpetuating a myth

Uniformity never been

Fake historical bliss


Diversity not new

Equality will bloom

Listen freedom’s truth

E Pluribus Unum


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