Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Conspicuous Dissent


Revolution is here

Chosen a side

Overcoming all fear

Our people rise


Impeach the clown

Order of the day

Tear fascism down

A democratic way


By force a king

Forefathers protest

History is calling

The national test


Truth in principle

A common humanity

Justice for all

Avoiding calamity


Facing tyranny’s fist

Most noble rebellion

Together we resist

Until victory won


Disobey unjust law

Follow human spirit

Tearing down walls

Love freedom’s gift


Patriotism in treason

Loyal are sheep

Stand for reason

Their authority weak


Land of the free

Home of the brave

The fighter in me

Loyal to the grave


Our cause American

Embracing origin

Old national plan

To rise again


One of many

No color or creed

The land of plenty

Leaves us in need


Leadership diminished

Apathy must end

Acquiescence finished

We won’t bend


From dream awoken

Lost all illusion

Faith not broken

Answering confusion


Firm and resolute

Passions ignited

Minds renewed

We remain united


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