Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Crown the Fool


Enter the Carnival

A fool is crowned

Our kingdom now cruel

From princes no sound


From grace we stray

Follow a wolf as sheep

Our colors turned gray

A decline so steep


Of indifference the cost

Awake reverse the trend

Ourselves cannot be lost

Patriotism must not pretend


Greatness vainly sought

Ethos and pathos to wedge

Exposing the stinking rot

A society on the edge


To rule by the mob

The fool’s errand

By grace of God

Will fascism end


Give rise to saviors

Good citizens fight back

Stem the tidal waves

The glass house will crack


Stand atop your stumps

Raised voices be heard

Our love hate trumps

Democracy a hallowed word


Power needs silence

Words poison’s antidote

Fools fear dissent

Scared of the vote


Keep your mind free

Avoid their cynical trap

Question and see

With thoughts attack


A short cycle I pray

Foolish reign soon over

Come now election day

Our nation will recover


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