Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Nonviolent Rebellion: Resistance is Not Futile


A violent revolution gave birth to the United States of America, and today nonviolent rebellion can save it. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi lead great changes in their societies by resisting the powers that be and mobilizing all levels of the population into refusing to accept and perpetuate the status quo. Earlier in history Thomas Paine had already eloquently outlined the philosophical need for periodic revolution in The Rights of Man.

Now we find ourselves at a similar turning point in our modern American society. We have an illegitimate President who was thrust into the White House through the efforts of a foreign power that intends to dominate us and do us harm. Worse than that, the social and political establishment is letting it happen. There are individuals at all levels of our country that are not only condoning this affront to democracy, but they are celebrating it.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump and his Trumpites have manipulated their way into power with the help of the Kremlin. Our new President will not hesitate to sell out our country in order to protect his personal interests and satisfy the needs of Vladimir Putin. Evidence abounds as to his sleazy and autocratic behavior, the existence of information so damaging he can be easily blackmailed, his disregard for democracy and the people of this country. At no level is he acceptable as the leader of our nation.

Despite losing the popular vote by a historically large margin in the 2016 elections, he is still being appointed as our head of state. He is a usurper stealing power and diminishing our democracy.

Therefore, I propose that we the people of these United States engage in complete and unflinching rebellion through nonviolent resistance. We must overcome through our refusal to accept and perpetuate the status quo. Our efforts cannot cease until a new and legitimate President is elected and sworn into office.

In this situation rebellion is not treason nor is it unwarranted. Revolution is an act of love and an act of true patriotism. It is the only thing that can save us from the trials to come.

Wake up America!


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