Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Cause and Effect


We are our own cause, and we are our own effect. We are the sum of every decision we have made and every consequence of those decisions.


From a neutral perspective, our lives are complete and made whole by every negative twist and positive turn. Each individual’s path leads them to exactly where they need to be; and along the way their true nature is revealed.


There are moments when regret causes us to wish we would have done something differently. Hindsight always seems to know better. But the honest reality is that we would not be the people we are if the past were different.


If even one little piece of the puzzle of my life were rearranged, I would not recognize myself. I would miss the person I have become.


Regret can be healthy as long as it keeps us conscious and helps us know ourselves, but don’t dwell on it. Learn from the past and focus on living a good present in order to obtain a future of infinite possibility.


At the end of the day, do any of us really want to live somebody else’s life?


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