Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Our Mythology


As modern people, we have come to accept social illusions that run contrary to our traditional ideals and have turned the American Dream into the American Myth. Fueled by the economic and political needs of our ruling elite, we have become mass produced drones blindly banging our heads against the wall of conformity.


The commercial media machine has played its role in this catastrophe by eagerly perpetuating our new mythology. To paraphrase one underground line of thought: mass media is rich people paying other rich people to convince middle class people to fear poor people.  That is how you indoctrinate and control an entire society; by using fear, status and money.


To gain or lose status and money has become our greatest fear and the purpose of our lives. If we do not have a certain car or a certain house, or a certain job or a certain pair of jeans; then we feel like unfulfilled failures. For example, one acquaintance of mine complained the other day that he hated his life because he hated his car. After inspecting the car I was confused because it was a relatively new vehicle in perfect working condition, and it looked good.


So, I asked the obvious question and his answer blew my mind. He told me that he started hating his car because his brother bought a new luxury vehicle that made this guy’s car look bad. Since he couldn’t afford to buy the same car as his brother or a better one, he decided that he hated his life. There was no hint of wishing his brother well; much less appreciating that he himself could afford a car at all. Jealousy and unbridled desire for material satisfaction proved to be the limits of his thinking and emotional capacity.


There is something painfully wrong with us as a society when this type of thinking and behavior is an acceptable norm. Money and status in isolation are meaningless and worthless. It’s how we use them to help others and benefit society as a whole that will make us great. Do not celebrate the hedonistic millionaire; rather celebrate the humanitarian millionaire. Support the social leader, not the social manipulator.


Why do so many of us hold on to such illusions and falsehoods? Are our lives, our souls, so empty that we can be satisfied with simple avarice and greed? It’s shameful that we are filling the spiritual void with such trite fleeting nonsense. We each need to explore ourselves and rediscover who we truly are and who we honestly want to be as human beings before it is too late.


Besides, wouldn’t life be more interesting if we all stopped trying to obtain attractive stupidity and focused on developing soulful intelligence?


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