Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Passion’s True Love

13 - 1

Nelson Mandela once stated that a good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special. As a writer and a man who is hopelessly in love with women, I find it wonderful when these are present in them.


True beauty and passion are inflamed by a sharp mind and a warm heart. Her body attracts and inspires, but seduction is won by what we hear and feel. As I once wrote:

Within a perfect chest

Beats a heart to adore

Behind looks finely set

Her mind entices more

It comes down to experiencing the whole woman in her entire form and essence. Love should not be limited to fleeting hormonal desires and physical symmetry.


If we do not explore the full range and limits of our capacity for love then we are wasting the greatness that can be found inside each one of us. In that vein, the same poem concluded with:

Love is a woman whole

Beauty in every part

Blinding her inner glow

True passion will spark

Gentlemen, seek the whole woman and don’t settle for an empty feminine shell. Once you have found her be sure to love and appreciate her with every fiber of your being.


Ladies, seek to be whole women and look for partners who will truly love and appreciate the woman you are. But never forget that there are two sides to that coin.


Ultimately, we must all understand that life is not worth living without honest passionate love.


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