Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

One Out of Many


There is one absolute core principal that defines our American society, and although it has been immortalized in our currency it is often ignored: E pluribus unum (Out of many, one). It was the driving philosophical force behind the revolution, our constitutional system and our democracy. From the Declaration of Independence up to today there would be no United States without the concept of equality under the law.


Recognition of such a powerful idea is not exclusive to our country and has been further explored and expanded elsewhere. In Ethiopia, for example, they champion the mantra of “unity through diversity”. It is the core guiding principal of their constitution and permeates every aspect of government and society. The European Union touts “united in diversity” as its motto because the founding leaders recognized that democracy and progress in part depend on conserving diversity.


From the halls of Philadelphia to the United Nations headquarters; humanity has come to understand the need for celebrating political, cultural, religious, racial and gender diversity by protecting equality. Therefore, when I look at to our current situation in this country I feel that a large portion of people have somehow forgotten this fundamental truth. When social and religious leaders start pushing to make some people more equal than others or try to impose uniformity of thought, I don’t think they realize they are being overtly anti-American.


Beyond that, wouldn’t it be terribly boring if everyone where the same?


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