Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

Habitual Faith


Deepak Chopra once said that religion is belief in someone else’s experience, spirituality is having your own experience and atheism is no experience only measurement. That got me thinking about how many people manage and express their beliefs.


For example, I have a brother who is an evangelical Christian and likes to constantly boast that he was born a Christian and he will die a Christian. But is that faith or habit? He was raised strictly within one belief system and his loyalty to his parents is what keeps him within that belief system. It doesn’t come out of some deep spiritual or intellectual exploration and subsequent realization; rather it’s a mechanical continuation of his programing.


Belief in God (or a higher power if you prefer) comes easily to me because it is what I was taught as a child. However, I went through various stages of belief, agnosticism and learning about other faiths to reach the point where I believe in God because it is what I honestly believe. My beliefs developed and evolved during years of study and exploration; not because it’s what I was told to believe. There was even a time when I doubted if God existed at all and we were just a universal accident.


Therefore, it really bothers me when people try to force their belief system unto greater society or are actively prejudiced against those who believe differently. The hypocrisy of it all kills me, especially when I realize that they are behaving out of habit rather than real faith.


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