Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose

The Ballad of Mickey Riley

Chapter One The Federal Pen on McDonough Blvd in Atlanta was not the friendliest of places, but it sure beat his old house on the Southside of Chicago for comfort. … Continue reading

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Hawassa Flower

A lady for all seasons Complicated in simplicity Lacking nefarious reasons Great in humble felicity   Low but rose by her I am a better man In her fire I … Continue reading

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Crown the Fool

Enter the Carnival A fool is crowned Our kingdom now cruel From princes no sound   From grace we stray Follow a wolf as sheep Our colors turned gray A … Continue reading

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Nonviolent Rebellion: Resistance is Not Futile

A violent revolution gave birth to the United States of America, and today nonviolent rebellion can save it. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi lead great changes in their societies … Continue reading

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Remember MLK and The Dream

He was a great American; and as a nation and a society we cannot afford to forget what he taught. Now, more than ever, we must listen, understand and put … Continue reading

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Our Democracy is Diminished

The following is an excerpt from a recent intelligence report about Donald Trump. It is a small tidbit about the man who is about to become our next President: The … Continue reading

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What I Know

By Augustine Tagaste   A Bright Future   It began in the spring of 2000 at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. My senior year at the Institute of International Studies … Continue reading

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Root of All Evil

Arrogance perpetuates the worst of our human condition. Somehow in our lowliness we think we are great. We are not great unless we be servants to our fellow humans.  

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Wisdom in the Fog

A Guide to Better Living By Augustine Tagaste   The Path   Look around and you will see countless examples of lost people living a mechanical existence. Our modern globalized … Continue reading

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