Augustine Tagaste

Author of Poetry and Prose


We all tend to fear change or being different, and society foments this fear. Nonetheless, we must each endeavor to improve ourselves and our society.

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Mindful Heart

Build your heart into a condominium with a room for every soul you meet. This is the key to compassion. Expand your mind into a field where knowledge is planted … Continue reading

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Love Life

For love to live In love to be All we must give All we must receive

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Better Living isn’t about money, health, success or beauty. It’s about balancing your heart and mind in order to live well within yourself.

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I was a mindless drone until travel and failure taught me a better way to live. My philosophy of Better Living comes from these experiences. Don’t be afraid to explore, … Continue reading

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Better living boils down to a simple personal choice. Do you want to live according to a mass produced vision for your life or do you want to create and … Continue reading

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We each need to be able to laugh at ourselves every now and then. A humble look at your own flaws and quirks will help you keep a balanced perspective … Continue reading

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Before you can feel and practice compassion you must first understand that we are all equally human.

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Religion by itself is neither good nor bad. How we each approach our faith and put it into practice is what can be either good or bad. If your beliefs … Continue reading

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